Best Jewelry Pieces to Invest and Own

Most people see jewelry as an investment because it represents a stage of their life where they have disposable income to spend on such luxuries. However, while many people can pull off a great image even if they wear costume jewelry, nothing beats owning and wearing the real thing. It simply feels and looks different and elevates any look tremendously.

Jewelry designs also play an important part in their desirability. While trends come and go, there will always be timeless designs that look fabulous no matter the occasion you use them. Delicate jewelry designs also showcase the jeweler’s craftsmanship and fetch a premium price. Such designs as filigrees, clustered, and princess-cut designs signify class and allure, and all stand the test of time. The more popular designs nowadays incorporate the tree of life, which represents strength and interconnectedness and is quickly becoming a collection staple because of its intricacy. 

Here are the jewelry pieces you should look forward to investing in and owning. 

  • Stud earrings

Studio shot of a beautiful young woman wearing stud earrings

Stud earrings usually are the first pieces of jewelry that you own. It’s because they’re the first earrings you receive when you have your ears pierced as a child. You should look forward to adding a pair of diamond or gold stud earrings to your collection because they go with almost anything. The style also exudes understated class as it doesn’t detract from your facial features. 

  • Hoop earrings 
Studio shot of a beautiful young woman wearing hoop earrings

Another timeless piece that you need for your collection,. hoop earrings will subtly highlight your confidence as it looks good whether you use them with casual clothes or formal wear. They will enhance your facial features and help you embody strength and femininity at the same time. 

  • Pearl strand necklace
Studio shot of a beautiful young woman wearing pearl strand necklace

If you want to showcase a classic, sophisticated look, nothing beats a pearl strand necklace to highlight your neck area. It also embodies purity and integrity, especially if you couple it with dark-colored dresses and an upswept hairdo. Nothing elevates the look better than an elegant single-strand pearl necklace that accentuates the entirety of the wearer. 

  • Tennis bracelets
Studio shot of a beautiful young woman wearing tennis bracelet

If you want to elevate your look quickly, investing in a chic tennis bracelet will be great. A delicate strand of diamonds or any precious stone will incorporate your attire with class with the least effort. You can wear them in conjunction with other bracelets or on their own and still strike a great look.

  • Inlaid rings
Shot of a beautiful young woman wearing Inlaid rings

Rings inlaid with precious or semi-precious stones will improve your appearance tremendously. Color coordinating the stone with your outfit will help you stand out even more. It also exudes a level of understated class and elegance that suits your personality.

  • Stackable rings
Shot of a beautiful young woman wearing Stackable rings

These rings are made of thin strands of your preferred material and allow you the option of remembering various occasions and milestones in your life. These rings will help create a bold look if you stack a few of them together on one finger, or you can even distribute them across your fingers for a more catchy look. They’ll look great whether you wear casual or formal clothes. 

Final takeaway 

Jewelry pieces are an excellent investment and a status symbol for most people. Building a collection of timeless jewelry pieces will help you elevate your look and be an excellent gift for your children and grandchildren. 


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