Boxing Glove Starpro

Boxing has been a prevalent sport in recent years, so has Boxing equipment. Whether a beginner or a pro fighter, you need the best boxing equipment gear to ensure protection. Most importantly, it would be best to have a pair of the best Boxing Gloves, whether you are hitting the bag or swinging with a sparring partner.   

Why do we need Boxing Gloves?  

Boxing Gloves are an essential piece of Boxing equipment to avoid injuries. We need to protect various fragile bones in hands, as hand injuries are widespread in Combat sports. A perfect fit pair of gloves will help you keep your hands safe and ensure protection during intense workout sessions. During practices sessions, a good pair of gloves will help you reduce punches’ impact and keep your knuckles safe.   

Things to consider while buying Boxing Gloves  

Before buying any pair of gloves, you need to know your weight. However, your weight will determine the size of your glove—the heavier the fighter, the need the heavier and bigger gloves. Various gloves vary in design and style that will impact your punch speed and sparring partner. Keep in mind some cheap boxing gloves seems frond loaded, which means a lot of padding and weight around knuckles. It seems more protective, but we need to choose more weight in the wrist area for the safety of our hands.   

Another essential aspect is an excellent tight fit to feel comfortable and secure. Moreover, while buying, keep the extra space in mind if you feel like using hand wraps.   

Star Combat – Best Boxing Gloves brand   

Star Combat is the leading Boxing equipment manufacturer for the UK and European customers. They are renowned for classic boxing gear, including Boxing Gloves and Pads, punching bags, Protective gear to fulfill your boxing needs. The high-performing Boxing gear by Starpro Combat is perfect for training, sparring, and intense boxing workout drills.   

They understand that Boxing is all about strength, performance, and technique, so the Starpro gear is heavy on tech. Every piece of equipment they enrich with signature material and technologies. Significantly, their boxing gloves have a hydra-flow mesh that provides comfort and breathability. Many tech features disperse the shock and dissipate the impact of a punch. Moreover, they also manufacture top-notch and long-lasting MMA coaching equipment, guards, and wraps.   

Being the best boxing brand in the UK, it covers the entire range of Boxing Gloves, Punching Bags, Martial Arts Uniforms and accessories, Boxing gloves and pads, along Boxing Coaching equipment with affordability.  


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