Backyard Enhancements

Winter is the perfect time to begin planning outdoor projects to be completed during the summer months. People often find they are stuck at home because roads aren’t passable or it isn’t safe to drive for some reason. Certain people simply prefer staying at home when the temperature drops and they need things to fill the hours. The following are some backyard enhancements a person might wish to consider when planning these projects. 

Update Outdoor Kitchen Features

Many people completed home improvement projects during the global pandemic. Today, countless homes have outdoor kitchens. However, a homeowner may not be satisfied with their kitchen, as they encountered supply chain issues during its construction. Businesses were forced to close down as a result of the pandemic, so owners had to settle for what was available. 

Now is a great time to update the kitchen and make it perfect in every way. This may involve purchasing a new grill or it could be a minor change, such as choosing an outdoor kitchen door for the cabinets that came with the kitchen originally. Regardless of what is needed to update the kitchen, an experienced outdoor kitchen team can help. 

Sun Protection

While humans need the sun for many purposes, excessive exposure can be harmful. In addition, the sun’s rays also damage outdoor furnishings. Add shade to an outdoor living area and people will be more tempted to use the area. They know they won’t be harming their health when doing so. 

Today, homeowners often choose sun protection that can be removed when needed. For example, a retractable awning can be rolled out when the sun is shining and stored when it is cloudy outside. 

Many people love this option because it can also help them control the temperature within the home. When the sun is beating down, they can open the awning and keep the sun from heating the home. When it is cool outside, they put the awning away and allow the sun to come into the home and warm it up. 

Install a Patio or Deck

While a gorgeous lawn as far as the eye can see is a thing of beauty, people want somewhere to sit when they are outdoors. A patio or deck provides this space. Add tables and chairs to the new seating area and people will want to gather here regularly. 

In addition, if the deck is constructed so it is the same level as the home, indoor-outdoor flow improves. The living space of the residence increases. This deck or patio doesn’t need to be large to provide these benefits. A couple might find they only need enough space for two loungers, as this will allow them to get outside and spend time together while enjoying the beauty of their backyard. 

Add A Rug

A large rug can transform an outdoor space in a matter of minutes. Choose one designed to weather the elements and see the difference this item can make. With many colors, shapes, and patterns to choose from, finding the right rug takes little time and effort. 

In addition, the rug can be changed quickly and easily to give the space an updated look. Consider buying different rugs for different seasons, and the outdoor area will always look fresh and new. 

Purchase a few accessories to go with the rug. This will complete the look. Throw pillows are a good addition to the area and will complement the rug nicely. 

Eliminate Pests

Nature does come with one major drawback. It is home to countless pests of the small and large variety. If flying bugs are a problem in an outdoor living area, it’s time to remove them. 

One way to do so is to invest in plants that naturally repel insects. Citronella plants are a good example of a natural landscape element that achieves this goal. 

However, there is now a mosquito repellent system that can be added to a smart home. With the help of these devices, a person can control mosquitoes in their yard even when they aren’t home. When the time comes to use the outdoor living area, they know these pests won’t be a problem. 

Add a Water Feature

A fountain is a wonderful feature to add to any yard. Many fountains come with a low price tag but have a major impact on the curb appeal of the property. In addition, they don’t have to take up a lot of room. 

Another option involves adding a stock tank pool. Kids will appreciate this water feature on hot days and parents will enjoy how it adds to the look of the property. However, when installing a stock tank pool, place the pool on a stone platform or concrete patio. This ensures it doesn’t damage the grass while providing hours of enjoyment. 

Exterior Lighting

Outdoor lighting allows a family to use their natural living area more often. Multiple light sources work best and may include features such as moon lights placed in trees, a fire pit that provides illumination, and path lights. The ideas are endless when a person wishes to add lights to their landscape. 

However, the choice of lighting is crucial. Ensure any lights are designed for outdoor use, so they hold up with time. In addition, consider the neighbors when installing these lights. Nobody wants a spotlight shining into their bedroom while they are trying to sleep. Ensure any lights installed as part of the landscape plan won’t be a disturbance to others. 

Backyard enhancements don’t need to cost a fortune. A little money goes a long way when adding to the curb appeal of a property. In addition, some projects can be completed by the property owner, although others require the help of a professional. By planning these projects during the winter months, a person can prioritize the projects and fit them into the household budget.

Begin planning today as summer will be here in no time. It’s best to be prepared when warmer weather arrives, so the projects can be completed quickly and enjoyed all summer long. 


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