Challenging a Pennsylvania Protection from Abuse Order

Common errors can seriously damage your case and put your rights and freedom in danger while defending against a protection from abuse order in Pennsylvania. When defending clients against PFA orders and other criminal accusations, the Lento Law Firm has a history of success.

These are five typical pitfalls to avoid when fighting a PA protective order.

Taking the Direction Too Lightly

If you break a restraining order, you might face serious legal penalties. Ignoring the order may result in criminal prosecution, penalties, or possibly incarceration. Defending against an order requires first knowing what procedures to do to comply with the order and then understanding the order’s constraints and repercussions.

Speaking for Yourself

Protective orders for victims of abuse can be difficult to defend against, especially for those without legal experience. You risk damaging your case if you represent yourself in court and increase the chances of a negative verdict. Having a criminal defense attorney by your side can help you navigate the criminal justice system and speak up for your rights.

Disobeying the Authority

An abuse protection order violation can lead to criminal charges and make it harder to challenge the order later on. In order to mount a successful defense against the order, it is crucial that you fully grasp and abide by its terms.

Inability to Collect Information

Gathering evidence in your favor is essential while defending against a protection order for abuse. If you don’t prepare properly for your defense, you may find it difficult to successfully challenge the order. Working with a skilled criminal defense attorney who can help you gather evidence and craft a solid defense plan is essential.

Infraction of judicial protocols

Legal processes and time limits must be met while defending a protective order against abuse. Your case might be dismissed or ruled against in some other way if you don’t. In order to navigate the legal system and ensure that you don’t miss any important deadlines or steps, it’s crucial to work with a skilled criminal defense attorney.

When a Pennsylvania resident is accused of violating a Protection Order, it is in their best interest to immediately seek the assistance of a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in the necessary legal proceedings.


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