Sticky Wilds

Some players play a whole session at one slot game and don’t encounter one sticky wild whilst others can encounter several in one sitting – visit and play Aloha Cluster Pays. The rarity of this type of wild has been debated by players for a while now. 

What are Sticky Wilds? 

Sticky wilds are a type of wild that is offered in certain slot games. They are very lucrative and can bring the player tremendous benefits, as long as the player knows what exactly sticky wilds are. 

  1.  They are similar to regular wilds but differ in a few ways. The biggest difference that sticky wilds have is their ability to stick to the reels and stay in place whilst the player continues to spin.
  2. They are actually rarely seen in regular gameplay, instead reserved for bonus rounds such as free spins where the player will have the best chance to rack up some huge wins.
  3. Sticky wilds are becoming increasingly popular with slot developers, they were once viewed as lucrative and rare wilds. 

What makes them so Lucrative? 

Sticky wilds are seen as lucrative versions of the regular wild for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is the difference that a sticky wild can make to a players payout. Ultimately, when you take away the graphics and themes that is what slot games are all about after all. Sticky wilds are also rarely found in the main game, making them seem much rarer than they actually are to some players. Various popular slot games offer this type of wild as well, instantly giving it some credibility.

Games which offer Sticky Wilds 

There are a huge amount of popular slots which offer the sticky wild for players to enjoy. The sticky wild is getting increasingly popular with developers and is being used accordingly. As technology marches on, the sticky wild is actually being developed with new twists and features to try and create unique versions of the wild and to help the developers slot games to stand out more. 

●     Beowulf is a slot which was developed by Quickspin and is based on the classic old English tale. The slot uses both sticky and locked wilds, providing the player with ample opportunity to increase their winnings.

●     Elements was developed by NetEnt and it serves as an example of a slot which doesn’t use sticky wilds in it’s base game but rather one of it’s bonus modes. The Earth Storm mode gives the players the chance to use the sticky wild.

●     Girls with Guns II: Frozen Dawn also offers the sticky wild as part of a bonus round, this time it is offered as part of the slots free spins bonus round. It is randomly assigned to players so hopefully they get lucky and receive a sticky wild. 


Sticky wilds are rare in the main game of slots but this is only because they are commonly found in the bonus rounds of a slot more. Though it is not always easy to trigger a sticky wild, they are becoming increasingly prevalent in slot games and there are even plans to develop them further by incorporating unique versions of the sticky wild in certain slots.


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