A Wonderful And Unique Travel Experience

There is something good in every situation. The past year has presented us with challenges, but we have learned a lot from the experience. We made changes in the way we manage our lives. We spend less time in the office and more time functioning and creating a new normal. We increased shopping and enjoying entertainment online. We do everything from e-reading, streaming movies, to betting on the lottery and logging on to check the lotto results. Yet, even with all these changes, one thing evolved in a different direction. That one thing is our love and methods of travel. In this article, we are going to offer tips on how to make your vacations and travel a wonderful and unique experience.

Don’t Be A Tourist

When you look up an area online, you are offered a lot of tourist attractions. These are areas that are usually focused on a famous and sometimes historical area. They are also areas stocked with shops to buy expensive merchandise with themes of the sites. There are places to eat, park, and events to attend. You have spent a lot of money in a few hours and have photos and tee shirts to prove you were there. But, you have not experienced the city, the people who live there, or the actual climate of the area. 

Do some research. Learn the real history of the city. Download some free apps for walking or driving tours. Visit some restaurants that serve real, local, family-owned restaurants. Look for town markets, farmer’s markets, and flea markets. When you return home, you can share an authentic experience of real people.

Let people know you – take something to trade.

Give the locals time to get to know you too. Take something (inexpensive) unique to the area you live in. Go to a flea market or sales and strike a deal. It is fun to tell the vendor about yourself and your city, and he will tell you about his. Offer to trade your item for something unique to his area. Nobody will get rich, but you will both have a good experience and have a cool souvenir. Some examples include crystals, cave stones, mountain or river stones, a vial of water from a famous body of water, seashells, a craft made from any of these items.

If We’ve Learned Anything – We’ve Got To Give Back.

Your trip may be traveling across town, across the country, or the globe. Wherever you are going, you can do something to contribute to the community. If you are planning on a trip away from home, take some time to look up volunteer opportunities in that area. You will need to check the requirements. You may not have the qualifications in another country to do what you already do on your own. But, you can give up a few hours or a day to do something. Here are a few ideas: 

  • Clean-up beaches, parks, or communities
  • Pass out food or water to people
  • Deliver meals
  • Plant trees in a park or national forest
  • Teach a class on how to speak your language
  • Sort donations
  • Help dig a well in a village
  • Help in a pet center

Use your skills and imagination and volunteer as a “thank you” to a nation that welcomed you. 

Favorite travel destinations

Here are a couple of our favorite travel destinations. Check them out and maybe you will  agree.

The Isle of Mull

If miles and miles of breathtaking coastline beauty sounds like your cup of tea, check out the Isle of Mull. The coastline is dotted with colored houses and blue boats. The location sits so close to other Isles that you witness nature at its best with every sunrise. Thousands of seabirds fly to the Treshnish Isles to breed annually. It is a magical sight. The Isle of Mull is white shell sand, hidden coves, and clear waters. The sun doesn’t set until 10 pm in the Summer months. The Isle of Mull has a long history of clans. You are sure to hear a story or two as you enjoy the delightful local meals.

Lake Champlain – Quebec, Canada

Lake Champlain is over 193 km long and is one of the biggest bodies of fresh-water in the United States. The formation of Lake Champlain began more than 200 million years ago. As the plains shifted, a massive piece of bedrock fell between two faults forming the canyon, which made the lake. Lake Champlain is so large it is part of two United States states and a province in Canada.


The world we can visit today is not the world of yesteryear. None of us are the same people we once were. We see things differently. We want to know more and feel more. We want to experience the real world and not the pretty pictures designed to block us from getting to reality. This is our new normal. Let’s embrace it. 


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