A Basic Guide to Social Media Strategies to Run A Small Business

What is the real purpose of social media for a small business? It is a valuable tool for small businesses to create results and boost their business sales. 

If you have a business that you think needs a little boost, then these points will give you a basic understanding of social media strategies to run your small business.

Why do you need social media for your business? 

Social media offers lots of benefits to your business. It can help with how you can engage with customers. It also helps make your business be known globally since social media platforms have become more popular throughout the years. Here are other powerful details of how social media help your business:

  • It develops your brand 
  • It allows you to keep an eye on competitors
  • You can use it for market research
  • It is affordable compared to other marketing tools
  • It helps builds a bridge between your brand and customers
  • It supports the increase of revenue through social media advertisements 

Get Started: Set Your Social Media Goals

It is essential to note that there could be multiple social media goals in a business. So, it is important to know which one you should prioritize first. And, before you decide which ones you should do, you should identify and understand them one by one.

Potential goals you might have

  • Increase brand awareness

Increasing brand awareness will help people recognize your brand. How exactly do you promote your brand on social media to increase brand awareness? 

Your target audience will be looking for great unique content. Include informational content, or have some engagement in your post. For example, you can hold contests where people can win your products. These contests can have specific mechanics like following your page or liking your posts to improve your engagement.

  • Drive traffic to your website

Social media can be the bridge to get people to visit your website. When it comes to this, you need to have a website that is easy to navigate. Aside from that, you need to focus on quality website traffic. So how do you achieve that? 

That’s where social media comes in handy. When your social media profiles and posts contain a link to your website, it will easily direct the audience. But, remember, you need to moderately and sincerely do the linking. 

  • Generate new leads

Lead generation on social media is an essential move to make if you are a smart marketer. It will be easier for you to gather up a solid market base. At the same time, these leads will help you get in touch with more prospects by giving special offers and word of mouth. 

  • Grow revenue 

Selling on social media is still new, but it is one of the effective ways to increase your business sales revenue. How can you get started? Social media can quickly spread the word about the products and services you offer. And when people see value in the content you post online, they’ll start trusting your brand. In other words, you can turn followers into paying customers.

  • Boost brand engagement

Social media platforms have lots of things in common. But there is one thing that you need to utilize to boost brand engagement, and that is the comments section. It allows you to respond to their queries immediately, making people feel special. Many people can read the comment section, so potential buyers can quickly scan through them once they have a similar question in mind. 

Moreover, you can build a community around your business with your social media accounts when you manage them efficiently. And as a bonus, when you respond immediately to queries or complaints through your social media, you also show excellent social customer service. 

Choose Your Platforms

Every social media platform is different. Each requires you to make unique content regularly. This also differs when talking about the targeted people on specific social media platforms. So, depending on the type of market you want to pursue, you must have a complete strategy for your approach:

  • If you want to build a strong community 

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are best at lead generation. Advertising through Facebook is worth considering if you have the budget because it has more than 2.2 billion monthly active users. The same is true with Twitter and LinkedIn, which are also great for having a personal connection with an entire community. 

  • If you want to share unique content

Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Pinterest, and Snapchat are your socials when you want to share photos, videos, live videos, and more. For each post you make, you can add an engaging caption that will draw attention.


Exploring social media channels may get a little confusing at first, but eventually, you’ll get the hang of them as you spend more time using social media platforms. You’ll like it even more when you get the big-picture of social media marketing. Understanding your needs and goals will guide you to get where you want your business to be. 


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