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Mobility scooters are ideal for people that are older that need to have more freedom when it comes to navigating if they have been injured or disabled in some way. Mobility equipment can make you much more safe and comfortable as you are traveling to different areas. 

Mobility scooters can be used safely using the following tips from

The following tips will ensure your safety when using a mobility scooter.

Tip#1 – The Scooter’s Functionality

A mobility scooter that you purchase will often have a user manual that you can use in order to improve your ability to use this piece of equipment as safely as possible.

Tip #2 – Be Slow & Steady

These are driven by their own form of power which allows you to have full control wherever you go. If you have never used one before, you can keep a steady speed so that you can drive as safely as possible.

Tip #3 – Always Be Cautious of Terrain

Slippery terrain can be problematic for those who are even experienced mobility scooter drivers but there are some people, even on flat and dry land, that will have trouble navigating these services.

Tip #4 – Try To Think Like a Driver

There are certain rules of the road that you need to consider when driving in public spaces. For example, you will need to pass on the left, stay to the right, and also look behind you just to make sure that there is no one behind you that may be affected by you stopping abruptly.

Tip #5 – Don’t Text and Ride

Handheld devices, such as smart phones when using your mobility scooter, may become very distracting, averting your gaze toward the front which can lead to potential injuries.

Tip #6 – Always Call Ahead 

Visiting a public place is often very easy, but you should do a little bit of planning before you go. If you are trying to go to a location with handy Friendly equipment, such as lifts or ramps, you can experience something smooth and safe by simply doing a little bit of planning.

Tip #7 – Equipped With Lights or Bells

It is very convenient to use a modern mobility scooter as they are extremely quiet and easy to use, although some of them may have a bell on it which you can use to alert people that you are coming in their direction. In addition to all of this, if you are riding around at night, you will likely have a light that you can use early in the morning and certainly during the late evening hours.

Following these tips will help ensure your safety when riding on a motor scooter and ensure you can benefit from it to the fullest.


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