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While buying gifts in itself is a big task, it only gets difficult when it’s for your guy best friend – you see, you never know if they’ll really like the present you’ve got them!

Sure, you can go for something that’s to do with drinking or gaming but your best bet here would be to choose a gift with a practical or cool factor to it.

Now, you may also have other questions like how much should you be spending on a gift and what they would consider to be cool and/or practical. Don’t you worry, because here we’ve put together a list of exceptional gift ideas (from Yankee Candle car jars to their favourite sports Tee) for your guy best friend!

Whether you’ve known them from 1st grade or met during your uni days, we’re sure that they’ll really love and appreciate these presents.

Let’s dive in!

1. Give Him an Untethered Zero Latency Experience

It doesn’t matter whether your guy best friend is a hardcore gamer or not, you can never go wrong with a gift that’s to do with Zero Latency VR experience at Meetspace VR.

A mind bending and high octane experience, these virtual reality games are unparalleled in scale when compared to those at-home video games. Also, these experiences are known to offer an adrenaline rush like no other; meaning your guy best friend is sure to enjoy it!

2. Let Him Have a Fine Time With a Personalised Beer Stein

Yes, you’ve read that right; your eyes aren’t fooling you at all – this is not only the most practical but also the coolest gifts you could give your guy friend (if they prefer beer over wine, that is!).

Moreover, considering you’ve known them for years along with their likes and dislikes, a personalised beer stein can be the best gift you could give him.

In fact, from a guy who simply wishes to feel like the king of old to a beer aficionado – everyone is going to absolutely love this gift. After all, it’s perfect even when your guy best friend isn’t using it for his drinks.

No matter whether it’s placed against bare white walls or used as a small home decor, a beer stein makes for the perfect piece of decor that can make anyone start talking about it. You can be certain that this stein is going to be on the shelf or mantle every time it isn’t being used.

3. Give Him a Cool Phone Case

In today’s age, many people use expensive smartphones and we’re sure that your guy best friend is no exception!

That said, why not get him a personalised phone case that’s both practical and cool? You could also go for a 2-in-1 phone/wallet case, if you want – these are not only growing popular (given that people often have their phone in hand) but also let you have some cash and cards at the ready.

Additionally, these cases are made of sleek and attractive Italian leather, meaning it can keep your friend’s phone protected if they happen to drop it on the ground.

4. Let Him Have His Favourite Sports Team’s T-Shirt

Every guy loves sports; not to mention has a favourite team that he has immense pride for!

In that case, a jersey or T-shirt with the name of his favourite team on it can be one of the awesome gifts you could possibly give – besides, there’s no such thing as too many T-shirts, is there?

By giving this merchandise, we’re sure that you can put a smile on your best friend’s face; he’ll also get to proudly show it off to his mates.

With so many websites available on the Internet, go through a couple of them and place an order for a T-shirt that’s within your budget and the one that your friend doesn’t already have.

5. Give Him a Wireless Charger for His Phone

With technology constantly improving, 2021 is all about the new features available on our smartphones but the one thing that’s been all the rage for quite a few years is – wireless charging!

Gifting a magnetic wireless charger to your guy best friend, therefore, can work out to be the best gift as he can use it at home, at work or even in his car.

What’s more, the magnetic part of the charger can ensure his smartphone stays intact and doesn’t detach in case it vibrates; it can help him charge his phone faster than usual. We’re sure that your guy best friend is going to appreciate and use this gift to the fullest!

6. Let Him Have a Gift That Reminds of Home

As we start growing older, we tend to lose touch or grow apart from our close friends.

Put simply, perhaps you and your friend no longer live in the same country that you grew up in and now you’re looking for a gift. This is where you can look for something that reminds him of home.

While a soothing candle could be slightly cheesy from him, you can go for a bottle cap collector that’s shaped like your home country or state.

Your guy best friend can use it as a home decor and show off his love and pride that he has for his state or perhaps place his favourite beer caps in it to show his taste in beer. Add to that, you can also send him a few local brews with the collector to get started with the map!

7. Give Him the Ultimate Geek Gift

At times, it could get difficult to find the perfect gift for your guy best friend especially if he’s into all kinds of pop culture.

Perhaps he has all the latest POP figures, different keepsakes from his favourite games and movies and a lot of T-shirts of his favorite shows. This is where you could consider giving him a geeky crate subscription.

You can select from various crates; for example, you can go for the one that covers different pop cultures or choose a specific crate that comes with all the characters from Deadpool. If you want, you could also go for a theme like Game of Thrones or Harry Potter.

With so many options to choose from, you can definitely find a gift that’s as unique as your guy best friend – he’s sure to love and rave about this to his mates!

To Conclude

While these were just seven gift ideas that you could consider for your guy best friend, there are more such options available out there.

Since you know your best friend better than anyone, do a bit of research based on what he likes and dislikes, go through different gifts and choose the one that you think he’ll absolutely love!


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