SEO Reports

Reporting and analytics have always been a vital component of search engine optimization and social media marketing to measure the results of marketing efforts. A quality and detailed SEO report is vital to help your clients easily measure and gauge their return on investment ROI from their online marketing perspective. The reports and quick stats also help your management to decide whether your marketing strategies have been fruitful or not?

The Importance of SEO Reports

Generally, marketers prefer a weekly or monthly report to make the proper decisions related to SEO camp gins. Making an SEO report daily or weekly can be a hassle or waste your time. However, a report of your SEO is like a report card that you receive in every semester to gauge your performance. These reports provide you the detailed summaries as well as statistics to help you measure your performance in every niche. It means that when you receive an A+ in the report, you are performing well.

Moreover, the growing trend of voice search has raised the importance of better UX to help you present your SEO reports to the clients. That does not mean that the older and traditional SEO metrics such as content marketing are still not valid; however, it is more crucial to prepare digital reports for your clients and stakeholders to help them grow your business. These reports can show your clients that your SEO strategies are successful and it is worth their hard-earned cash.

Of course no clients would like you to send them loads of data into spreadsheets and emails; a good SEO report has certain characteristics and attributes to help the clients understand what they mean. Therefore, the reports present an actionable step to help your clients believe that they are benefitting from them.

Prepare your SEO Reports in Small Steps

You should create SEO reports for your clients in small steps so that they could understand them quickly. Preparing and delivering them the confusing reports is no good strategy. First you should follow these points to deliver clients your SEO reports:

  • Define your KPIs to showcase your overall SEO Services Plan
  • Prepare a report of website health
  • Prepare an organic traffic and engagement report
  • Prepare an organic conversion report
  • Prepare a back link analysis report
  1. Website Health Report

Before doing anything else, it is vital for you to know the health of your website. His report will function as the foundation for other reports such as an internal website review. This will also require you to identify the pages that require attention. Your clients might need to track many metrics such as domain authority, unique page count, and link type. In addition, a back link overview report can help you see which domains are linking back to your website.

  • SEO Competitors Analysis Report

Competitor’s analysis is such an important area of your SEO that you cannot live without this report. Start with a general overview of your competitors and check the domain authority of your competitors. Find out which keywords your competitors are using or ranking for. Also find out what the competitors’ back links are and from which domains? Find out what is the best paid copy of your competitors?

  • Paid Search and Organic Keywords Report

In addition to analyzing the overall performance of your website, it is also vital for you to identify the keyword opportunities for your SEM and SEO efforts. The best software for preparing SEM or SEO reports is SEMRush. You can run a paid keywords audit to identify the top keywords for your website. This strategy will work out well to help you find out the competitiveness of your keywords. You can also use SEMRush for keywords search and analysis and also check your competitor’s ad copies with popular keywords they are using.

The above data or information will help you to create effective and relevant content around your keywords. The data will be valuable to allow you identify how much each keyword relies on SEM. This way, you can also get a lot more ideas for keywords to create better content. Using SEMRush is also important for reports generation to help you see the keywords Ad history to get more ideas for your ad copy. You can also use a more targeted approach by using the right tool like SEMRush.


Using the right tools for generatinganalytics and reports is vital for your overall SEO plan. Your Local SEO efforts can be brought to fruition with SEMRush or Moz which allow you to find all the great content ideas revolving around your keywords and provide you tons of data to write good content on your blog. Using analytics and reports related to paid search and website health report can surely boost your engagement rates and leverage your brand.


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