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It is normal to feel as if you have stretched yourself too thin. As if the 24 hours period is hardly enough to get everything done. Understandably, it is very crucial to prioritize and learn to manage time effectively. It is one of such things that cannot be avoided at any cost. However, the same is very challenging. 

Nothing is better than self-reflecting. Yes! You read it correctly. As per a study by the Harvard Business School, when you set aside at least 15 minutes from your busy schedule to reflect on each day, you significantly boost your productivity and performance. 

So, the best way to self-reflect is by maintaining a journal. Undoubtedly, when you try to put together the lost art of pen and paper, it can prove greatly beneficial in keeping your sanity. It even works as positive reinforcement. Therefore, we have curated the most interesting reasons to convince you to start maintaining a journal immediately. 

5 reasons to start maintaining a journal today

  1. Venting safely 

The moment you wish to vent out your frustration on something yet, very secretly, nothing can beat a journal. It is the most appropriate place to vent when you feel like shouting at your crazy boss, bashing out at a rude colleague, or simply wanting to throw shade. 

It is your very personal shrink. Plus, you don’t need to pay for it either. However, you must ensure no one gets their hands on your journal. Otherwise, it could lead to a pile of consequences that can’t be averted.

  1. Mental health benefits 

Today is the world of dog-eat-dog. At such times, nothing is as important as your mental health. Unfortunately, however, it is the most common thing that gets overlooked. 

So, when you start to maintain a journal, it helps you to let your creative juices flow and lowers your stress levels significantly. 

A recent study from the journal Advances in Psychiatric Treatment shows how the routine of maintaining a journal acts as a positive catalyst for your mental health. 

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  1. Journal helps harness creativity.

The best method to improve your writing is by regularly practicing it. So, the benefits of maintaining a journal, from boosting creativity to sound mental health, are immense. 

So, when you write your daily experiences in your journal, you get a better chance to break down different complex situations into more coherent and understandable information. 

  1. Journal helps in habit building.

When the talk is about the functionality of maintaining a journal, building better habits is at the topmost position. Writing a journal helps you be aware of any action’s results. 

So, when you write down the different positive events in a day, you get to identify the good patterns of your behavior. Likewise, when you write down the negative events of a day, you get to identify the bad patterns of your overall behavior. 

It is needless to mention, however, that the positive patterns of your behavior should be recognized, maintained, and repeated. 

  1. Journal helps you to improve your writing. 

Lastly, the continuous habit of writing a journal certainly helps you to become a good writer. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the benefit you were looking for so far. But, you will admit, we all have something to write in one or the other context. It could be emails or even reports at your workplace. 

So, when you regularly write a journal, you get into the habit of writing. You begin to enjoy writing to a level that no longer feels like a chore. It even allows you to be expressive in varied ways through words.


So, are you ready to start writing a journal? Great! First, choose the right type of journal; it could be either online or on paper. The next thing is to develop a writing habit. So, you need to start by dedicating at least 10-15 minutes every day to write down your thoughts in the journal. 

The choice of writing is your personal choice. You can either jot down one memory daily or wish to full pages with a stream of consciousness. 

The preferred time is either the early morning or the night before bed. 

Finally, pick up your journal and write your definition of happiness when you know how to get started.


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