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Ever thought about customizing your license plates? If you had a chance to, what would you inscribe on the plate? While the relevant authorities are always watching and trying to keep things on the roads civilized, some people just don’t seem to mind going a little overboard to add some crazy to the whole business. And at what cost? You wonder. Before going any further, pause for a moment and check out for a detailed breakdown of vanity plates’ valuation.

In just under eight characters, the car in front of you might either amuse, irritate or offend what you stand for simply because some individuals tend to go too far in exercising the vanity plate freedom! However, you can use these same plates to transform your branding tone exponentially. Whatever you wish to promote or identify with, vanity plates present you with just the platform for that.

Some of the most enthusiastic customizing ideas witnessed on the roads can give you a clue as to the type of messages people like to display on their cars. A closer look at these plates will always reveal a deeper meaning beyond just the inscription. Some people use the plates to boldly proclaim to the world, ‘this is who I truly am or ‘here is what I stand for or fancy or subscribe to!’

Plate Customizing Ideas

Take a look at some of the common plate ideas you’re likely to spot on the road and what the inscription might actually represent.

1. Humor/Fairy Tales/Rival Jokes/Vehicle Transmission

Do you have a crazy sense of humor? Is your humor proclivity untamable maybe? Well, if it makes you feel better, just let it all out in a single phrase. This, you can accomplish by taking advantage of the vanity plate platform.

As long as your message or inscription does not in any way target a particular group, race, or affiliation, you are good to go. I find this interesting because it sounds more like a free show on the freeway. It is a simple way to engage other motorists in laughter and help them decompress.

2. Disability Status/Safety Message

If you are not ashamed of whom you are, you are free to talk about it, even though your license plate. A disabled driver (any kind of disability) could put up a tag displaying the wheelchair disability symbol to indicate to other motorists to be extra alert around them or excuse them in case of slow driving.

While a simple sticker might serve the same purpose, a license plate seems more authentic and visible owing to its permanent nature and placement location.

In case you earned your current disability through drunk driving or texting while driving perhaps, this might be a great platform to caution other motorists on the risks they expose themselves to.

3. Gender/preference

While it might sound or seem rather inappropriate to talk about sex openly, some car owners still prefer displaying their interests through their vanity plates. This they do under the pretext of coded messages not easily interpretable by just anyone. Yet, they are still able to put across a firm message in this manner.

Individuals, therefore, might want to make their orientation clear to the world by communicating this through their vanity plates.

4. Promote self/wealth/priorities/ideologies

Some folks also choose to talk about themselves in light of their priorities, hobbies, ideologies or even wealth. You don’t have to be a celebrity to accomplish this. Personal branding is something desired by many. And as long as you can get creative about it, who’s to stop you?

Putting such information out there will let the world resonate with you and you’re likely to inspire much confidence in motorists out there in the streets or the highway.

5. Promote your profession/career/craft

Did you know that you could actually talk about your profession on your vanity plates? This rather unconventional platform not only allows you to customize its appearance but also advertise your craft or profession without nagging anyone.

Depending on your jurisdiction, you could easily put up a ‘banner’ plate keenly highlighting what you do, should the driver behind you ever need such a service. While you may not be able to display your contact information as well, the fact that other motorists have noticed your tag gives them a chance to get your attention and inquire about your services. This is a super crazy way to not only build your professional network but also build your personal brand.


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