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Do you love playing slingo? Yes, everyone does! In this post we have listed top 5 ways to use the bonuses and enjoy as much as you guys can from Sling bonuses. You might be an experienced player heading to play Slingo – or a complete newcomer wondering where and how to start. Whatever your gaming background you are entering an exciting zone that’s dedicated to providing first class entertainment.

We all know how internet games have become one the great success stories of the new digital age. Online casinos have grown to become a major part of the modern global entertainment industry. The game of Slingo is the perfect example of this.

Most of us have heard of this brilliant game. It’s a unique thrill that combines elements of both slots and bingo. If you hadn’t realised, the name “Slingo” is derived from the fusion of these two popular games. 

This ingenious fusion has already gained a big following. With colourful graphics, lively animations, and constant thrills, Slingo is now one of the most popular choices for players. The game of Slingo takes the familiar grid layout of a bingo card and mixes it with the thrill you get from spinning reels, just like in a classic slot machine. 

A Slingo game typically consists of a 5×5 grid filled with numbers. All the player has to do is to mark off numbers on the grid to complete lines – like in a traditional bingo game. What sets Slingo apart is the numbers aren’t announced by a bingo caller – they appear on spinning reels. And this is the element that adds extra excitement and strategy.

With each spin of the reels, a different set of numbers appears. If any of those numbers match any on your grid, they get marked off. The player’s goal is to complete as many lines as possible within a limited number of spins. The Slingo lines can be formed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally – just like in classic bingo. The more lines you complete, the higher your score.

What makes Slingo even more thrilling for players are the different bonus features that digital technology can sprinkle throughout the experience. These bonuses provide players with special extras, like additional spins, jokers (wildcards), or power-ups that help clear numbers from the grid. They add an extra strategic dimension. Bonuses allow players to make tactical decisions to improve their chances of higher scores.

Here are five of the best ways to make the most of these Slingo bonuses:

  1. Save bonuses for more challenging levels In Slingo, certain levels can be more challenging than others. It’s a good tactic to save bonuses for these more difficult levels. By using bonuses when you’re not doing quite as well as before, you can increase your chances of completing at a level that might otherwise be too challenging.
  2. Combine your bonuses for maximum impact Slingo can offer various bonuses with different advantages. These could be extra spins, instant wins, or power-ups.  Experienced players learn to look for opportunities to combine multiple bonuses and to maximize their impact. One example might be using a bonus that grants extra spins alongside a power-up bonus to help you clear more numbers and achieve a higher score.
  3. Prioritize bonuses based on goals. You may have several bonuses available at any one time. Before using any Slingo bonus, consider where you are in the game. If you are aiming to clear a specific pattern or reach a certain score, choose the bonus that best suits your objective. Some bonuses may be more effective for certain goals, so make your choice based on your needs.
  4. Time the use of bonuses timing can be crucial when you use your Slingo bonuses. Assess the grid in front of you and which numbers are available before activating a bonus. Sometimes it’s better to hold off on using a bonus until you can optimize its impact.  For example, if you have a bonus that clears a row, don’t use it on a row with only one number remaining. Wait until there are several numbers you want to eliminate before using it.
  5. Use your bonuses to create combos. Combos significantly boost Slingo scores. Look out for ways to use bonuses in a way that triggers a chain of events. This can lead to multiple combinations or scoring opportunities. For instance, there may be a bonus available that allows you to choose any number on the grid. This is a chance to strategically select a number that appears most often or in most effective positions on the grid.

Overall the effectiveness of any Slingo strategies may depend on your own experience and expertise – and also on the specific type of Slingo you are playing.

Whenever you start a new game it’s wise to check the game’s rules and bonus features. And always remember that however immersed you become in strategies – it’s all about having fun in the end!


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