CBD Business In Social Media

As CBD marketing evolves with its newfound legal status, this once shady item is now somewhat legal in many countries. In addition, researchers have also thrown light on the healing properties of CBD items and are now recommending CBD usage for many medical purposes.

One of the notable CBD PR Agencies, Pearl Lemon PR, offers a fresh and innovative marketing strategy for global CBD brands.

CBD manufacturers now need to use different marketing strategies for selling their items. The massive impact of social media and other platforms can become a new HubSpot for CBD items.

Here are some ideas that can help you to advertise your product on social media without any legal implications:

Content in Social Media

For CBD products, content is often the key. In the case of social media, you must deal with legal issues like FDA approval, test and lab reports cautiously. Here the best way is to use the content for marketing your items on social media. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer space to share different content, blog posts, and test reports.

You can use your brand’s social media profile to share some great content that displays the positive side of CBD products. Offering valuable information to your targeted audience can instantly create an extensive sales funnel by targeting traffic through the proper channel.

Hence, make a point to share valuable and relatable content on social media platforms to get some much-needed attention from people worldwide.

Get Genuine Customer Reviews

Nearly 77% of people read consumer reviews before purchasing health-related products. People love honest reviews from genuine people who offer factual statements instead of simple ratings and mechanical sentences. So if you want to market your CBD items in an organic way inside social media, you can try consumer reviews.

You can create a thread of reviews of the loyal users in a post on your Facebook or Insta profile. The genuine reviews would be an attention garner and will attract more people. You can also ask for honest photo reviews and video shorts from your users!

Get Influencers in Your Circuit

With Insta and Facebook becoming a HubSpot for people, influencers are becoming an integral part. You cannot deny their vast user base. Influencer marketing can offer you more engagement on Instagram as well. Moreover, with influencers, you can utilize the best benefits of instant as well.

Try to rope in a trusted Instagram influencer from your targeted demographic region. A trusted and popular influencer will help you to attract more people. Besides that, try to use holistic video subjects which appear natural and not just a simple advertisement.

Get Personal

Personal marketing, especially the in-person approach through social media, is an excellent strategy. Despite being an age-old strategy, it still works wonderfully. You can use different marketing methods like handing out free samples, surveys, word-of-mouth marketing, online lucky draws, etc.


As CBD products remove the stigma around them, new-age branding is necessary to address the users and audience. A modern CBD PR Agency and PR professionals are also exploring the different aspects of social media marketing to make CBD available to people through holistic and legal channels.  


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