You’ve mulled over the idea of replacing the old windows with new ones. What tends to hold you back is the total cost for such a project. Did you know that it may be possible to use certain strategies and minimize the overall cost? By working with one of the top window companies in Edmonton, it’s possible to learn more about these options and if they would apply in your case.

Manufacturer Discounts on Selected Designs

Window manufacturers sometimes place specific window brands and designs on sale. This may happen because that particular brand is being phased out in favor of a similar design that offers additional features. In order to get rid of units that have already been produced, the savings may be passed on to the buyer.

If the windows in your home are in standard sizes and there’s enough new windows in stock to fill your order, opting to go with these discounted windows could save a significant amount. That savings will make it much easier to manage the remaining cost.

Special Deals From Window Installers

There are times when window installers can offer discounts to qualified homeowners. The discounts are likely to apply to specific windows that are in stock or were ordered for another project that was ultimately canceled. If those windows are right for your home, this could turn out to be your lucky day.

Always ask contractors if they have discounts or special offers. You may be surprised at what they can do in terms of offering windows that can’t be used elsewhere or even offering some sort of discount off the labour costs.

Rebates That Help Cover Part of the Cost

Many homeowners decide to replace older windows with newer counterparts that offer higher levels of energy efficiency. What you may not know is that it’s possible to take advantage of rebate programs if the windows you select qualify.

Typically, the more replacement windows in Edmonton can qualify you to receive a lump sum of up to a certain amount. The window installation company can provide the documentation needed to claim the rebate. Once it’s received and approved, you get the benefit of whatever amount is currently available under the terms of the rebate program.

Lower Insurance Premiums When New Windows are Installed

This is another benefit that doesn’t receive a lot of attention. There’s the possibility that your home insurance provider would extend some type of discount if you chose to replace your older windows. Your agent can tell you if this type of discount is available and what sort of windows would make you eligible.

Why would an insurance provider offer a discount? Newer windows tend to be stronger and harder for intruders to break into. That means the risk of extending coverage is lower for the provider. The fact that the windows are also more energy efficient may also factor into the decision.

There are other ways that the cost of new windows can be offset in terms of the initial cost or some sort of reduction or discount in cost once they are in place. Talk with a contractor and learn more about how to make the most of savings opportunities. When all is said and done, those windows may cost much less than you expected.


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