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Online shoppers who use coupon codes are likely to spend 24% more than customers who don’t. This is because online shoppers who use coupon codes get more for their money.

If you’re curious about how to use online coupon codes more effectively as a business or customer, keep reading. This guide provides you with all the information you need to shop wisely as a customer and enhance your coupon marketing strategy as a business.

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Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of Your Online Coupon Codes For Businesses

Here’s how your business can use its online coupon codes for marketing your business and expanding your customer base.

Leverage Your Coupons For Lead Generation

Your coupons can help you to create lead magnets. Customers are highly likely to give out their email addresses in exchange for a customer discount. If you want to expand your email list, this is a quick and easy way to generate more leads.

So, establish a popup on your website that offers customers a discount in exchange for their email address. Make your offer enticing; the more you offer, the more likely customers will be enticed by the deal.

You don’t even have to offer a discount on your products. A significant portion of customers prefer discounts on shipping to discounts on their everyday purchases. So, consider what kind of offer will best incentivise your customers.

Establish Limited-Time Offers

Many customers have discount codes but forget to use them and ultimately don’t purchase anything from the store. A great way to counteract this forgetfulness is to establish limited-time offers.

If you create limited-time offers, you can instill a sense of urgency in your customers and encourage them to buy the products quickly. If your customers fear they will miss out on the deal if they wait too long, they will spring into action and take advantage of their discount quickly.

A 15% off discount code that only lasts 24 hours will encourage your customers to purchase products before the deal closes,  and you will notice an uptick in sales. 

To ensure that all your customers are aware of the limited-time offer, you can send out an email to your subscribers with information about the products included in the deal.

Know Your Customers

To use coupon codes effectively, you need to have a good idea of what your customers want. You also need to know which elements of your business are working well and which products generate the most customer interest.

It can be helpful to implement customer surveys to gauge which discounts and offers would best suit your customers. You could try the following suggestions based on your customer surveys:

  • Abandoned cart discounts – if your customers are filling up their cart only to leave the site, you can offer discounts on their abandoned cart. One of the main reasons carts are abandoned is affordability, so providing this discount will help you prevent lost sales.
  • Free products – if you know your customers, you know which free products will entice them to shop at your store. Offer them a gift with their next purchase over $30 and watch the sales roll in. Make sure the gift is inexpensive.
  • Free shipping – if you offer free shipping, your customers might spend more money at your store. The money people save on shipping is often allocated to purchasing more products.
  • Discounts for referrals – you want to expand your customer base. By offering your customers a free discount when they refer a friend, you incentivise them to share your site with others. You gain more exposure; they get a deal.
  • Giveaways – when companies offer giveaways with influencer marketing, they get plenty of exposure and only have to give out a few products. Offer free products to a lucky few who share your page on social media.

Establish A Rewards Program

A rewards program is a great way to generate loyal customers for your business and incentivise them to shop at your store. The best example of a rewards program is the Starbucks loyalty card app. The Starbucks app is like a game for their customers. They earn ‘stars’, or award points, whenever they purchase in the store. 

To incentivise customers to buy their coffees, they offer more stars for products listed on their ‘daily challenges’ page. For instance, if a customer buys a caramel macchiato that day, they may earn 3 points instead of one.  A customer with the Starbucks app also gets free refills in-store. 

You can do something similar with your online coupon campaign. Offer your customers more rewards points for purchasing specific products, and establish unbelievable offers when your customers reach the required points amount to receive their discount.

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Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of Online Coupons For Customers

As a customer, you can leverage your online coupon codes to get the best deals and the items you want for less. Here are our best tips for getting the most out of your online coupon codes:

  • Pay attention to the best days to shop – most online stores have particular days when they make the best offers. Watch your favorite store closely to determine the best day to shop.
  • Leave items in your cart – with the popularity of abandoned cart offers; you should leave items in your cart for a day or two to see if the store offers you a discount.
  • Subscribe and get the app – companies offer better discounts to loyal customers that download their app and subscribe to their email list. Check out the available deals on the app and in your emails before you start shopping.


Online coupon codes have benefits for both the customer and the store. If you’re looking for new ways to market your business, you should consider creating coupon campaigns with online codes. As a customer, you should shop smart and check out all of the deals on offer before completing your purchase.


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