Myths About Dentures

According to recent studies, around 23% of individuals do not have teeth and 90% use dentures. For the last couple of years, dentures have remained the last resort for individuals possessing no teeth. However, there are some myths and misconceptions correlated with dentures that obstruct people from grabbing their benefits. It is time to deal with these in detail to puncture the myth. If you are serious about your oral health, keep reading.

3 Common Misconceptions About Dentures:

  1. Dentures do not look fake
  2. Dentures do not stain like natural teeth
  3. Dentures do not slide in your mouth

Dentures do not look fake

There is a myth that dentures look fake. When an individual opts for this, they fear an unnatural smile. However, it is a problem with low-quality dentures. Never go for these cheap brands and get your dentures from a reputable store. For getting high-quality dentures, your dentist will match the shade of the gum with the synthetic gum tissue and take appropriate measurements for ensuring the proper shape and height of prosthetic teeth. They also use shading to provide that the teeth do not look overly white compared to the skin tone. You must examine these dentures myths to enjoy their benefits. 

Dentures do not stain like natural teeth

A popular myth associated with a denture is that it stains easier in comparison to natural teeth. Remember that resin material and composite helps in manufacturing these dentures. Hence, it will help in preventing stains by way of regular brushing and flossing. You can also soak these in cleaning solutions, and that will take care of the quality. Try to avoid eating or drinking those food items that might stain your denture. It can be soft drinks or coffee, or any such items.

Dentures do not slide in your mouth

People believe that dentures always move inside the mouth. However, if you have an excellent denture, it will fit your mouth and not move when speaking or eating. Only a qualified and experienced dentist will help you with high-quality and well-fitted dentures. Some people have problems with low-arc dentures. Nevertheless, it’s only a professional who will help you in rectifying the situation.

There are different types of dentures available for individuals without teeth. From complete dentures to partial dentures, you can experiment with these. Those who are interested in a traditional look can go for full dentures. On the other hand, removable partial dentures, also known as bridges, include replacement teeth. They get attached to a metal framework that holds the denture in the proper place. It is best for the modern individual. Depending on your oral health, your dentist will advise you on which option to grab.

At The End

If you are serious about your dental health and appearance, you will have to take your dental visits seriously. When skilled professionals make your dentures, they can help you regain your confidence and smile. Reach out to these well qualified and experienced professionals who will provide you with appropriate results. Try to schedule an appointment and speak about your specific requirements. If you are taking regular medicines, inform the dentist initially. They will decide on your denture accordingly.  


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