ways to have fun on the internet

Many users think that the internet is just a social networking site and a source of information from Wikipedia. In fact, the World Wide Web is one of mankind’s best inventions, capable of pulling you into the abyss of entertainment. Let’s take a look at 10 popular ways to engage in online activities.

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1. Computer games

There’s a community of millions around video games. Users from all over the world play single-player and multiplayer projects: Dota 2, World of Warcraft, Valorant etc. The games allow you to relax and get unprecedented emotions, immersing the participant in an interesting story with beautiful graphics and exciting gameplay. You’ll have to buy most of them, but there are plenty of free video games on the internet where you can relax in the company of your friends.

2. Mafia

Cult game with psychological and intellectual overtones. A small group of users is divided into roles: mafia, residents, commissioner, doctor. Everyone has their own responsibilities in the fictional city, but the main goal is to lead their group of people to victory. The most interesting thing about it is the dialogues between the people, because during the conversation the ordinary residents need to figure out who the mafia is among them, while the criminals need to keep a low profile.

3. Gambling

In the age of the internet, gambling has been given a fresh breath of air. Instead of land-based establishments, virtual sites containing thousands of slot machines are being used. It is now possible to play remotely without leaving your comfort zone. It is enough to register and fund your account to play for money. Free play is launched without registration.

4. Watching Movies

There are plenty of online services with movies and TV series to suit all tastes. You don’t have to go to the cinema to see the premiere. Services like Netflix or Disney+ offer their customers the option to watch the latest releases in HD quality right on the day they hit the big screens. Even better, you can invite your friends to watch together for even more fun.

5. Social networking

There’s no need to stop social networking with friends and make new acquaintances. While Facebook and Vkontakte used to be available, the number of platforms has increased considerably. You can connect with people on Instagram, Telegram, Twitter and other popular networks. For finding relationships, websites and apps have been invented where you can enter your profile and put your avatar.

6. Streaming

On Twitch and Youtube, millions of users watch popular streamers to watch them play new games, play retro games, and interact with viewers. You can become a streamer yourself by streaming your own content on your computer or phone. If your videos are a success, you can become a popular streamer and earn good money.

7. Online Books

With the rise of the internet, it’s now possible to read books online using your computer or mobile device as a source. This way, electronic reading is always at your fingertips and there is no need to carry around a heavy binder. The online shops offer the reader thousands of copies, which will never run out on the shelves. All you have to do is choose the novel you like and download it to your device.

8. Mini-Games

For those who don’t want to download big games to their computer or phone, there’s an alternative entertainment option. There are many sites on the Internet with mini-games that run on a standard browser. They can be interesting puzzles or simple shooter games that unload the brain after hard work.

9. Self-education

You can have fun in more ways than just playing games or watching videos. There are tons of services that can help users create animations, draw, learn foreign languages and more. Some of these programs are paid, but you can also find free online courses that will keep you busy for hours and teach you many interesting things. For a long time now, many young professionals have been working remotely, earning money online from the things they love.

10. Virtual travel

With GeoGuessr, you have a unique opportunity to travel anywhere in the world and admire beautiful landscapes. It’s a browser-based game that takes you to a random spot on the map, located near a road (all pictures are taken by Google Street View cameras). You have to guess in the allotted time where the location is and point it out on the map. It is not only interesting, but it will also give you a better idea of the geography of your home planet.

This is just a small part of the entertainment you can do on the Internet. But even these are enough to fill your free time for months to come. Choose the most enjoyable way to have fun.


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